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How wildfires may affect sperm quality

October 28, 2021
Learn what male birth control options are available now, and new options you may have in the future.
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Oligospermia: causes, diagnosis, treatment, and more

October 25, 2021
Around 8–12% of couples worldwide experience difficulty conceiving, referred to as infertility. Of those couples, 40–50% struggle with male factor infertility, which could be caused by sperm-related conditions such as oligospermia (low sperm count) and azoospermia (zero sperm count). Hearing "infertility" and "low sperm count" can feel disheartening, as if having biological children is impossible. […]
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Do male enhancement pills affect fertility?

August 25, 2021
Often labeled as dietary supplements, male enhancement pills claim to boost sexual performance by increasing testosterone levels, improving erections, enhancing the libido, and more. This sounds like it would be good news when it comes to getting your partner pregnant. However, there is some evidence that these supplements — or even prescription medications like Viagra […]
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Diet and testosterone levels

August 23, 2021
You may wonder how you can increase your testosterone levels naturally, and if certain foods can help (or hurt). We’ll look into the role of testosterone in the body, why testosterone levels decrease, and which diets and foods may affect testosterone levels.
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Should men take prenatal vitamins?

August 20, 2021
It's well known that women are advised to take prenatal vitamins during pregnancy to support fetal health and development. But what about men? Can male partners support a healthy pregnancy by taking supplements? Do male prenatal vitamins even exist? Here, we cover everything you need to know about prenatal vitamins for men.   Takeaways: Male […]
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What is TMSC (total motile sperm count)?

August 19, 2021
What is total motile sperm count and how does it affect fertility?
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Understanding TMSC (total motile sperm count)

August 19, 2021
What is total motile sperm count and how does it affect fertility?
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Does cycling lower sperm count?

August 16, 2021
Exercise is important for health and fertility, but cycling may lower sperm count. Find out how cycling affects fertility and what you can do to help protect your sperm.
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